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Basque Country part 2 / Biarritz

10 September 2017


Sometimes you are meant to visit some places. I came to Biarritz accidentally, at the last hour of sunlight. Dusky, windy and warm air made my cheeks blush and my eyes shine. I felt some kind of magical energy in this quiet, little surf town. I am sure this isn’t my last visit here.

biarritz01 biarritz02 biarritz03 biarritz04 biarritz05 biarritz06 spain_france 080 copy biarritz08 biarritz09 biarritz10 biarritz11 biarritz12 biarritz13 biarritz14 biarritz15 biarritz16 biarritz17 biarritz18 biarritz19 biarritz20 biarritz21 biarritz22 biarritz23 biarritz24 biarritz25 biarritz26  biarritz28biarritz27 biarritz29 biarritz30  biarritz32 biarritz33

pics by me and m taken with fuji x-pro 2

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