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My very own Brigitte Bardot

30 October 2014
I may be imagining things, but Margaret looks like a Brigitte to me. At least in that moment, when she smiles flirty to me. I will sound extremely boring when I say I love this girl with all my heart, but it’s true. Sometimes I call people my inspiration and here you’ve a living proof. She opens me, helps me express myself with photography, she listens, she empathises, she makes mistakes and she’s the cutest when she does that. She also reminds me of my mom. I’m not sure why, but my heart tells me she’s very special. She is my muse.
Bleah, enough of this sugar-sweet mash! 馃槈 Time to talk technics. I often get from you questions about my camera, the lens I used for specific pictures. If you’re looking for a small, but still professional gear, that will give you good exposition options, nice depth field and simple usage, I may have just the thing.

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Thank you very much

20 July 2014
W pewien mro藕ny, listopadowy wiecz贸r pojechali艣my do studia nagraniowego pod Warszaw膮. Kompletny spontan, wizja prostoty i naturalno艣ci. Kilka godzin op贸藕nie艅 zmasakrowa艂o nas, zesp贸艂, a przede wszystkim g艂贸wn膮 bohaterk臋. Wybija godzina 1.00, mo偶e nawet p贸藕niejsza… ostatnie dogrywki, skrzypaczki zasypiaj膮, szybka zmiana obiektywu, Gosia ma ju偶 chrypk臋, 艣piewa raz jeszcze i jeszcze… Ci臋cie, klaps, koniec.
Muzyka by艂a niesamowicie inspiruj膮ca, wys艂ucha艂am jej chyba milion razy i nie mia艂am do艣膰. Film zmontowa艂am bardzo szybko, zupe艂nie bez wysi艂ku, mimo po艣piechu materia艂u by艂o du偶o. Na jego publikacj臋 musieli艣my czeka膰 ponad p贸艂 roku… Op艂aca艂o si臋 jednak. Naniesiono dodatkowe uj臋cia z 偶ycia Gosi, co doda艂o optymizmu tej akustycznej wersji. Wysz艂o fajnie. Prawda? :)
Oto m贸j pierwszy teledysk!
We went to a recording studio near Warsaw on one cold November evening. It was a totally spontaneous action with a vision of pure simplicity and naturalness. Few hours of delay made us, the band and especially the main character weary. It was like 1.00 o’clock, maybe later… last approach, the violinists fell almost asleep, fast lens change, Margaret had hoarse voice, she sings over and over again… Cut, clap, the end.
The music was amazingly inspiring, I listened to it about a million times and I never got tired of it. I cut the clip very fast, pretty effortlessly, though we were in a hurry the material was rich. We had to wait for it to be published for over half a year… But it was worth it. Some extra films from Margaret’s life were added to give more optimism to this acoustic version. It looks quite nice in the end. Doesn’t it? :)
Here’s my first music video!

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