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Let the love in

30 March 2017


“After so many years of photographing people I finally understand why my pictures are so sensual, why I adore women’s body, why I have this ease while portraying loving couples.

I frame what I crave for.

I press the shutter button when I feel most excited and turned on. I lust for a beautiful body models have, the gentle gestures and passionate kisses that lovers share.

These are my dreams coming true, my vision of perfection coming alive.”

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Santa Cruz

15 March 2017

cali 12 copy

Santa Cruz is a place made of sun, sea salt, rocks and good vibes. Windy and chilly evening spent by the shore was absolutely unforgettable. Vegan burgers and skateboarding were of course also part of the trip.

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London stole my heart

7 March 2017

london blog 08

I find myself dancing in an empty room. A good beat rises in the speakers, I don’t think, I just start moving my hips and go frenzy. Alone in a big house.
Is this how freedom tastes like? I love it! I feel liberated (no, I didn’t drink wine that day). But in a way it also scares me.
It will end, it cannot go on forever. Soon I will be bored, frightened for my future, probably depressed.
Can you already imagine those bipolar emotions I experience? And it’s only the beginning…

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26 February 2017

lfw blog 2 01

So I gotta admit, it is tempting to be a part of that distinguished fashion world. I miss wearing my maxi skirts and being cold because I was underdressed but stylish. This experience during London Fashion Week woke up my passion for fashion. And I didn’t forget why I stopped doing a style blog. But now I’m thinking that maybe there is a golden mean to it and I could easily reconcile my true fascination (that I had since I was a brat!) with the contempt for vanity, showing off, falseness and cheeky deals. I have a room full of clothes that I don’t wear anymore, it’s outrageous! Isn’t it time to change that and really be my true self?

Here’s the second part of my street style stories.

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fashion week, london, photography, street style


21 February 2017

lfw blog 058

One day, a few years back, I needed a change and a vision. I thought…

What can I do differently but stay my true self? How about street style photography?

Do you know Hel-looks? It was one of my biggest inspiration, my window to the world of fashion. It started in 2005 and was my favourite place on the internet back then. And you most certainly know The Sartorialist. Scott made me believe that this could even be a job.

Yeah, that’s something I could enjoy doing.

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