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Peak District / United Kingdom

16 July 2017


2 weeks spent in the city and I already miss the wilderness. I guess I need a constant change of places, from urban to natural surroundings.

Looking for someone to go into the Polish woods or mountains with me in the next couple of weeks. Anyone?

I’ve visited this amazing place on my trip to England (Doncaster/Sheffield) last year. It’s hidden in the middle of the island and you could have missed it on the road if you didn’t know about it. A small mountain area hides all these beautiful views. Feels like a magical place from a fantasy movie or a book.

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iceland, photography, travel

Land of ice

10 April 2017

icalend 31

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I’ve visited Iceland. So much has happened over this time.

A place of contrasts, nothing and everything next to each other. Plains, highlands, mountains, water in all states and the restless ocean. Calm, peaceful people and wild animals. Sky seems to be richer here as the horizon seems much further than anywhere else.

I only had 4 days to explore the island, but they aren’t my last. I feel a strong connection to this land. I want to get back and leave my footprint, a part me there.

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Let the love in

30 March 2017


“After so many years of photographing people I finally understand why my pictures are so sensual, why I adore women’s body, why I have this ease while portraying loving couples.

I frame what I crave for.

I press the shutter button when I feel most excited and turned on. I lust for a beautiful body models have, the gentle gestures and passionate kisses that lovers share.

These are my dreams coming true, my vision of perfection coming alive.”

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