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Santa Cruz

15 March 2017

cali 12 copy

Santa Cruz is a place made of sun, sea salt, rocks and good vibes. Windy and chilly evening spent by the shore was absolutely unforgettable. Vegan burgers and skateboarding were of course also part of the trip.

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London stole my heart

7 March 2017

london blog 08

I find myself dancing in an empty room. A good beat rises in the speakers, I don’t think, I just start moving my hips and go frenzy. Alone in a big house.
Is this how freedom tastes like? I love it! I feel liberated (no, I didn’t drink wine that day). But in a way it also scares me.
It will end, it cannot go on forever. Soon I will be bored, frightened for my future, probably depressed.
Can you already imagine those bipolar emotions I experience? And it’s only the beginning…

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15 February 2017

california 55

Such a famous place, always wanted to go there. Didn’t you? The warmth, the culture, the landscapes, everything drew me to it. Now that I have crossed that off of my #travelgoals I’ll share my postcards with you. This is a short trip from San Francisco to Sacramento, Folsom (very unusual place to visit, I admit, but I needed the pool), Yosemite National Park and back. The wonderful, warm people we met on the road melted our hearts. California is a state of mind.

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Postcards from the piste.

12 March 2016


One of my favorite places on earth is Rocks Resort in Laax, Switzerland. It feels like I’m home. That’s why I chose this winter to stay in Laax for two weeks instead of one. It was one of the greatest decisions in my life. I needed this time to rest, think the future through and work on my new projects. Here are some postcards from this sweet, lazy trip.

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