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Fuji, tested with high expectations.

9 March 2016


All those years of not expecting big things to happen. Only the average ones. Not small, but average. High hopes diminished a bit by reality.

All those years of working hard, but not without turning down careless and selfish needs. Finding the right balance between caring and wanting it too bad.

Going with the flow, you might say.

It is all worth it.

I am now one of a few female photographers who represent FUJI.

DSCF0120-m copyI am extremely  h o n o r e d  to be the official ambassador of X-Pro cameras. It was a dream for my work to be recognized and although my mind is split on many businesses I’ve still managed to keep my photography alive. It is the truest passion of all. It will never be broken by not getting the jobs I want nor photographing the people I’d like to. It is a hobby and a profession. I may be tired sometimes of it, but in the end I will still find pleasure in portraying people or traveling with a camera in my hand.

What is it I love the most about it? I adore looking at people and their emotions. The ability to capture seconds of their lives in details like glances, gestures or style is a super power. It would probably look weird if photography didn’t exist and I would just stare at people and be fascinated about it…

I can’t hide the truth that I love women. In every possible way. Especially I love their bodies and the feelings that they rouse. That is the reason why I started the ‘REAL GIRLS’ project and soon I will start another one focused simply on nudes.

The last, but definitely not least is retouching. I feel like a magician when putting life into low-contrasted raw images. I’m always too anxious to wait to play with the colors and usually I retouch my pictures right after the photoshoot. I’m also a monochrome lover, which I call a romance between black, white and gray.  I love how only a slight change of curves can transform your image into a deep, dark, meaty painting.

I am now testing the new X-Pro2. So far it has stood up to my  high expectations. It is light, it is fast, it looks great. It also records videos, has many additional features and it is definitely perfect for a woman. I have already photographed new Charlotte Rouge campaign with it (check it out at my tumblr) and shoot a movie for my crowdfunding campaign. I know you have a lot of questions about photography gear so don’t hesitate to ask.

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