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26 February 2017

lfw blog 2 01

So I gotta admit, it is tempting to be a part of that distinguished fashion world. I miss wearing my maxi skirts and being cold because I was underdressed but stylish. This experience during London Fashion Week woke up my passion for fashion. And I didn’t forget why I stopped doing a style blog. But now I’m thinking that maybe there is a golden mean to it and I could easily reconcile my true fascination (that I had since I was a brat!) with the contempt for vanity, showing off, falseness and cheeky deals. I have a room full of clothes that I don’t wear anymore, it’s outrageous! Isn’t it time to change that and really be my true self?

Here’s the second part of my street style stories.

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Again I met fantastic people like Yolandi Visser, Yasmin Sewell, Sita Bellan, Yu Masui, Carlotta Oddi, models Sora Choi, Jolina Sofie and Doina Ciobanu, bloggers like Anisa Sojka, Mariko Kuo and more! :)

Shot with Fuji X-PRO 2

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  • Olivia Kijo

    Przepiękne zdjęcia! Słyszałam, że robisz zdjęcia aparatem bezlusterkowym. Mogłabyś napisać coś na jego temat?

    • Natalia Kontraktewicz

      Tutaj cytat sprzed roku “I am now testing the new X-Pro2. So far it has stood up to my high
      expectations. It is light, it is fast, it looks great. It also records
      videos, has many additional features and it is definitely perfect for a
      woman. I have already photographed new Charlotte Rouge campaign with it
      (check it out at my tumblr) and shoot a movie for my crowdfunding campaign. I know you have a lot of questions about photography gear so don’t hesitate to ask.”
      A więc pytaj jeśli chcesz wiedzieć coś więcej 😉

  • Mary

    Super cool photos!