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One year in one post.

3 January 2015


Remember, when I said that I will rock in 2014? That this will be a great year of changes, new adventures, success, new me? I don’t know if it’s fate or hard work, but it did happen. I actually made more dreams come true in one year than in several years. I am happy (which is a feeling I loose very often), still lost, but happy. I wanted to write down everything I remember about this year, because I frankly forget so much of my past! And while I was making this note I recalled so many details that I would definitely loose in depths of my mind. Thanks to this post they will be still alive.

This is my memoir of 2014. Make yourself a cup of coffee (or tea) and go through all these amazing days again with me.


Wanna see how I visualize a whole year of mine? It may sound ridiculous, but I see days and months as shapes – rectangles. Usually months from January to June are long, vertical. Summer in July and August is short and move quickly to September. Then there’s a long road down to December which is full of surprises. Hope you will love the journey through 2014!


2014 was all about first times. As you can see I had so many things to experience and there’s still much left to do! It’s also a year of dreams coming true and success in work. I traveled, I worked hard and I made people happy. It’s also a year of finding your true self. I’ve created amazing friendship relationships, spent whole days on not doing anything, enjoying nature or the city. I went to partied and weddings, danced, shouted and sang on concerts.

But 2014 isn’t only about success. I have a new saying – ‘The higher I climb, the harder I fall’. I have 3 major defeats this year. I failed in starting new business, which appeared to be a bigger deal than I thought. I learned a lot trying though. I was also going to Opener Festival, which was one my dreams. Unfortunately lack of time and money forced me to sell the tickets. The last and the worst one is the breaking in to my house and stealing my cameras, lenses and more. It ruined me emotionally, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?

Let’s sum up 2014!


After a hard, sad second half of 2013 I found happiness in France snowboarding with my friends, with beautiful landscapes around me, drinking champagne on New Year’s Eve and dancing until dead. I also won a photography collage competition and got myself a new mobile!

When I came back home I started working on new Charlotte Rouge website, lingerie collection and clothes production in Chile.


My first trip to Asia, my first trip with a backpack, my first trip organized on my own and my first such long journey… I learned a lot about Sri Lankan culture, travels, people and history. I saw hundreds of fantastic nature creatures, architecture and situations. I had great time and I had a very bad time there. I became a new person, wiser and more experienced.

I was designing new collection of clothes for Charlotte Rouge.


 2014 was supposed to be all about traveling. We were searching the web for cheap flight tickets. After 3 weeks spent in pretty bad conditions with cockroaches, bugs and greedy people I needed some time in paradise that I thought Sri Lanka could be. When we found ridiculously cheap tickets to Male we were not even thinking how – we just bought them. Maldives happened to be the paradise we were looking for. I was snorkeling for the first time, which was a breathtaking experience. I was swimming with wild dolphins, eating fish on a desert island, taking photos of new Charlotte Rouge lace bras.

After the trip I was falling pretty hard in cooking. I was interested in gluten-free, pescevegetarian and chemistry-free diet.


Brand new online store was launched and I was working on lingerie designs ever since.

This month I also drank my first coffee. I never liked the taste of it or needed it, although I had bad days with no energy to focus. I just didn’t want to be addicted to caffeine and drink it every time I am tired. But you know what it’s like to feel when everybody goes for a coffee or a cigarette and you just want to have something in common? No cigarettes for me, so I chose coffee. And I liked it!


I finally found time for changing the name and graphic theme for the blog. I am so happy I did it!

I also celebrated 2nd wedding anniversary with M. This means we’re together for 12 years!!!


On June 1st Charlotte Rouge celebrated her 3rd birthday. I was directing a video ‘My little secret’ featuring blogers and Charlotte Rouge ambassadors – Jestem Kasia & Cajmel. On that day I fell in love with lofts in an old building near my house.  I said ‘I want to leave here, and if it’s not possible I want to have a studio or an office here’.

I saw Kings of Leon (one of my favs bands!) live for the first time during Orange Warsaw Festival. That was the first festival I’ve been to. I also went to Rybnik for 30 seconds to mars concert. I was standing for the first time in golden circle (yes, I am the looser that usually sits on the tribunes).


I wanted to start shooting videos. I managed to create the making of Margaret’s ‘Wasted’ movie and I shot the clip for her acoustic version of ‘Thank you very much’. I’ve got a lot to learn but first step is done :)

 This is also th month I did some firsts – first time on a wakeboard, first vacations only with my mum and first time I’ve been to a wedding as a guest (and I partied like an animal! :)).


Spring and Summer of 2014 were actually the first in my life when I really enjoyed sun, warm weather, parties, eating out, meeting friends. I was out almost every weekend, riding my new bike, trying new food in food trucks, walking or just lying on grass…

I had the pleasure to visit a few magnificent places in Poland too – Kraków, Łódź, Lądek Zdrój.

By the end of August, while I was on a road trip, looking through car window, I decided to open a stationary boutique for Charlotte Rouge. I already knew it had to be the place I shoot ‘My little secret’ video in. I made some calls and a week later…


I opened Charlotte Rouge Varsovie Boutique in two days with some help of my friends. We cleaned the placed up, painted the walls, bought some furnitures and voilà! I was working on the interior for next 3 months, I wanted it to be perfect and unique, I designed stools from recycled wood that my dad prepared.

A week after opening the boutique I went on a dream-come-true journey to New York. 10 days in concrete paradise inspired and motivated me. I was walking 7-10 km per day, sight-seeing, photographing with eyes wide open and heart beating fast. That’s also when I started my cooperation with NYLON magazine. I didn’t write anything about the trip because it was flawed by the burglary in my apartment back in Poland. I promise to show you some of NY and tell you the story soon on blog.


Charlotte Rouge was gaining power, I had a few interviews for Polish and foreign magazines which was flattering. I found the energy to get back on my feet after the burglary and start working on the opening of the boutique.

I also did some amazing photoshoots in Tatry mountains and in the most magnificent place in Poland, Bieszczady. It was the first time I really admired Poland for it’s natural landscapes.


While preparing Charlotte Rouge Varsovie Boutique for the party I was invited to meet Caroline de Maigret and Sophie Mas, co-authors of ‘How to be parisian, wherever you are’ book. I fell in love with their book and these incredible women fell in love with my lingerie designs.

On 28th of November I turned 25 and opened the boutique for press and clients. It was also the official start of my patronage over younger Polish brands, KulKilka & Stay Simple Collection.

On the next day I had the best birthday party with almost all of my friends. Loads of surprises, fun, dancing, singing, love and memories of past.


On the first weekend of December Charlotte Rouge website had record statistics and orders, which was the success I was working for for the last year.

Although I don’t like ‘things’ and ‘toys’ there some thing that made me very happy. Santa brought me a fabulous black&white snowboard of my dreams. I also started playing guitar again with new RockSmith game.

On Christmas holidays I went to see my brother and had the easiest, laziest 5 days in whole year. I actually felt weird not doing anything 😉


1. New Year’s resolution – to rock, to roll and to find happiness in being true to yourself.


2. Fav lookParisienne


3. My first short movie – Making of ‘Wasted’ by Margaret

4. Springfield’s blogger of the month


5. Photographed by Antonina Dolani


6. Fav lookI’m short and I know it


7. Fav photoshootOliwia


8. Sri Lanka (post 1, post 2, post 3) – my first big, independent, backpacking travel to Asia. A huge adventure that changed my life.


9. Fav lookThe traveler


10. Fav photoshootMargaret x Bartek Janusz


11. Fav lookTime to go


12. Fav lookMaldives in black&white


13. Fav lookMaldivian palette


14. Fav lookWhite sand, hot sun


15. Fav lookBlack&White&Blue


16. New Charlotte Rouge website and launch of first lingerie collection


17. Fav look Boyfriend


18. New bike, new life – I never thought that biking could be that amusing!


19. Fav lookDowntown


20. Fav photoshoot – Luka


21. Fav lookBlack Widow


22. Photographed with M. by Aleksandra Zaborowska


23. Dispute on friendship that raised doubts about reliable relationships in todays world.


24. Lost in translation – new blog, new name, new theme


25. 3rd Charlotte Rouge Birthday


26. Fav lookMaxi good for everyday dilemma


27. My first music videoMargaret ‘Thank you very much’ Accustic 

  28. Fav lookHome, sweet home


29. Fav lookToo hot to wear clothes


30. Fav lookThe new me – occasionally


31. Fav lookGreen and other colors


32. Photographed by Kate Kondratieva


33. Opening of Charlotte Rouge Varsovie boutique

34. Fav look Downton Abbey


35. New Charlotte Rouge museDaria


36. Interview for Catwalk Magazine


37. Fav photoshootKate


38. Interview for Vers24.pl


39. Fav lookBack in paradise


40. Another serious talk about dying.


41. Fav lookRock&roll Mermaid


42. How to be parisian – meeting Caroline de Maigret and Sophie Mas


43. Charlotte Rouge Lingerie – My little secret movie is out

44. Birthday party & grand opening of Charlotte Rouge Varsovie Boutique

Charlotte Rouge otwarcie butiku

45. Fav photoshootParisienne collection campaign

Charlotte Rouge - Parisienne 02


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  • Ana

    Gratulacje! Zrobilas ogromnie duzo i trzymam kciuki za wolrd domination! :)

  • http://kataszka.blogspot.com kataszka

    Wspaniałe zdjęcia!!!
    Wszystkiego najlepszego i spełnienia marzeń i planów w Nowym Roku! Oby 2015 był jeszcze lepszy!

  • http://petite-alexandrine.blogspot.com/ Ola&Emilka

    jeej ile wydarzyło się w Twoim życiu w zeszłym roku, gratuluję wytrwałości i spełnienia marzeń, oby tak dalej! :)
    mam wrażenie, że chyba tylko ja siedziałam i nic nie zrobiłam ze swoim życiem, a potem tylko narzekałam. czas to zmienić ;P
    piękne zdjęcia! <3 😀