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Postcards from the piste.

12 March 2016


One of my favorite places on earth is Rocks Resort in Laax, Switzerland. It feels like I’m home. That’s why I chose this winter to stay in Laax for two weeks instead of one. It was one of the greatest decisions in my life. I needed this time to rest, think the future through and work on my new projects. Here are some postcards from this sweet, lazy trip.

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It was the 3rd time I came to Laax for snowboarding with ZERO Gravity. It has always been the best place to do sports and have fun with friends. I love Rocks Resort design, it’s cosy and good-looking. The only weird thing is that there is no door in the bathroom… which I will never understand. The apartments are just right beside the slope so everything you need is in walking distance.

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To be completely true I messed this trip up. I received a snowboarding training from my friends for my birthday and wanted to use it for the second week I’m there. I was riding pretty fast for the first time on my new board, having true fun on the piste and developing my riding skills. After dozens of ‘safe rides’ I decided to try the rookie snow park to work on my ollie. The first ride ended on a flight up to sky and all the way down finishing right on my bottom. It was a shock that I have never experienced. The pain was excruciating. I couldn’t move for a long time and when I finally stood up every step was like everlasting agony. Fortunately my tailbone wasn’t broken and plenty of pills and ointments let me function again. I couldn’t ride normally though, so I missed my training. I stayed in bed for 4 days and on last 3 days I tried to ride, but I only got worse by doing it… So yeah, I’m a fucking wreck of a snowboarder.

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photos taken with FUJI X-T1

PL To już ostatnia szansa, by wyjechać w Alpy w tym sezonie. Jeśli się zastanawiacie co wybrać, możecie śmiało zaufać Zero Gravity. To świetna, młoda ekipa, bardzo dobra organizacja, piękne miejsca i zero zmartwień. Wyjeżdżałam z nimi już 5 razy i niezależnie czy był śnieg czy nie – zawsze bawiliśmy się dobrze.

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