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Self Series part 1. No make up.

12 February 2017

In the world of digital beauty I refuse to continue my work as a liar. I also refuse to follow the future. It goes way too fast into destruction of everything that’s valuable. I will create my own path of evolution.

me at 27 - 07

I don’t want to bend the reality, I don’t want people to be the victims of delusion. I never wanted that. When digital cameras came popular on the global market I said no. I was certain that photographs from that box had no soul. And then I lost myself. I gave up and followed the herd. I shot beautiful people in beautiful places that were far from real. I still don’t mind following your imagination but without any dispensable retouching. I hated photographing in studios with artificial light, yet I spent 2 years of my life doing exactly that, hoping that it will give me the job I crave. I loved minimalism, and I still do, but I ended up creating complicated scenography, styling and stocking way too much gear. What stopped me from being true?

The fear of not fitting in. Staying behind. Not being commercial at all. The fear to be judged by your looks, condition of your skin, little imperfections, not fit enough body. Either you accept yourself now or forever stay dead inside. And like a robot follow other people in the circle.

This is my cleanse. The purge I sow. I start from the beginning and pave the way for the new to come.

Put on some music.

Self Series part 1. No make up.

My first people portraits were self made. I was 14-16 then. Now I’m 27. I came a long way to this point in my life. Going back and forth, up and down. With many adventures, endeavours, failures and successes. Now all I want is to go back and start over. Back to basics.

me at 27 - 01me at 27 - 10me at 27 - 14 me at 27 - 04 me at 27 - 25me at 27 - 09me at 27 - 22 me at 27 - 12me at 27 - 11me at 27 - 21

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