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Fuji, tested with high expectations.

9 March 2016


All those years of not expecting big things to happen. Only the average ones. Not small, but average. High hopes diminished a bit by reality.

All those years of working hard, but not without turning down careless and selfish needs. Finding the right balance between caring and wanting it too bad.

Going with the flow, you might say.

It is all worth it.

I am now one of a few female photographers who represent FUJI.

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My very own Brigitte Bardot

30 October 2014
I may be imagining things, but Margaret looks like a Brigitte to me. At least in that moment, when she smiles flirty to me. I will sound extremely boring when I say I love this girl with all my heart, but it’s true. Sometimes I call people my inspiration and here you’ve a living proof. She opens me, helps me express myself with photography, she listens, she empathises, she makes mistakes and she’s the cutest when she does that. She also reminds me of my mom. I’m not sure why, but my heart tells me she’s very special. She is my muse.
Bleah, enough of this sugar-sweet mash! 😉 Time to talk technics. I often get from you questions about my camera, the lens I used for specific pictures. If you’re looking for a small, but still professional gear, that will give you good exposition options, nice depth field and simple usage, I may have just the thing.

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