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Back to basics

7 October 2014
New York cleansed me artistically. I made some decisions about the way I will work in future. I want to focus on photography and get the commercial pressure out of my back. I’m gonna be spontaneous and slow, I’m gonna do a lot of private photoshoots in my old style. When I started photographing I was portraying myself at least once a week, I miss that a lot. I’m not sure I’ll come back to self-portraits but I will definitely photograph more often.

Next big step is a new, smaller camera Fuji X-T1 – I won’t be able now to excuse myself with too heavy gear. It’s light, quite fast and comes with great lenses. I will also go back to traditional photography and work on medium format camera.
My model Kate visited the agency a few days ago and I took some shots of her with my new Fuji friend. Sometimes such simple portraits have bigger value for me than huge productions.
I hope you’re eager to meet the old-photographer-me! In the meantime be sure to watch my tumblr blog too.

all photos taken with Fuji X-T1 + Fujinon 56mm f/1.2 & 35mm f/1.4

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  • Angélique C

    beautiful and powerful post.
    I’ve been feeling quite the same. so seeing this from a photographer and blogger I admire just really speaks to me about taking it slow and remaining true to yourself.

    Thank you xx

  • Anonymous

    Odzyskałaś sprzęt fotograficzny czy złodziej przepadł bezkarnie?

    • lost in translation by nat k.

      niestety sprzęt nieodzyskany :(

  • Izabela Rzeszutek
  • Alicja N.

    Z niecierpliwością będę czekać na nowe fotografie. ; ) W Twojej twórczości znajduję coś naprawdę pięknego i intymnego. ; )

  • PatrisyaStyle

    Przecudowne zdjęcia !