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31 December 2015

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If there’s anyone still here please accept my another apology for not being around lately. When you watch the video (Polish only, sorry) or read the text below you will know what was going on.

I wish you all a marvelous new year. I want you to believe in the future – in dreams coming true, in success, in love and friendship that lasts. My life is a constant adventure with ups and downs, but most of all it’s joyful, filled with laughter and moments when I’m going my own way, chasing the beauty in the imperfections, breaking the rules and showing to everyone that anything can happen. I am so incredibly happy for the life that I have. And I believe that year 2015 is a turning point in it. In a few months I will fulfill my next dream. I will show that a fall is not a failure, it’s a reason to stand back up on your feet and next time go even higher. I was planning to open a restaurant with an event venue, Charlotte Rouge boutique and a photo studio in 2014. The project was too big at that moment and I decided to go smaller and to do it fast. That’s how Charlotte Rouge Varsovie Boutiuqe was created. After over a year of success with many new #charlotterougelovers I am ready to move on. I am proud to tell you that soon Charlotte Rouge will have a new store in Warsaw and it will run in a cooperation with a new bistro called Healthy as hell with amazing high quality coffee and veggie/vegan/raw/gluten-free food & desserts. This is a place to shop, eat tasty & healthy food, meet your friend for a coffee, work or read a book in silence. In this dusky, quiet corner you will find your favorite spot in Warsaw. I hope that you will be our first clients :)

Now that I’ve finally shared these news and you know what’s in my heart I can go and party the hell our of 2015. Remember – party hard, work hard and go easy on yourself :)



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