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#Real girls. Charlotte Rouge Lingerie Spring 2016

5 March 2016

_MG_6976 copy

I’m watching new episodes of Fargo now. In one of these, this creepy blonde character called Peggy realizes something obvious yet surprisingly important – the difference between thinking and being. Well it’s high time to stop thinking about posting something.

So here’s my latest shoot with Angela, beautiful white-haired angel I found on instagram and just had to meet in person. As my muse she posed for new Charlotte Rouge Lingerie collection.

_MG_6067 copy _MG_6109 copy _MG_6956 copy_MG_6131 copy _MG_6222 copy _MG_6232 copy _MG_6750 copy

Charlotte Rouge Lingerie
shot by me with Canon 6D mkII, 50mm f/1.2

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  • Ivan Kostov

    Hi , all !
    Nice lingerie ! I recommend – Tiara Galiano ! Great brand for lingerie !