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Transitions – Mokotów / Warsaw

26 July 2017

mokotów 02

In my heart, Mokotów will always be the symbol of a transition. It’s a time of learning to be my true self. Hurtful skin ripping off and healing, heart breaking and mending, meeting new people and loosing some too. Solitary walks around the neighborhood, many cigarettes smoked and songs heard. This one murky evening I buried my heart in Mokotów’s ground. Soon I will leave this place and start over with a clean slate, thankful for the time spent here.

I fell apart, but got back up again.

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Peak District / United Kingdom

16 July 2017


2 weeks spent in the city and I already miss the wilderness. I guess I need a constant change of places, from urban to natural surroundings.

Looking for someone to go into the Polish woods or mountains with me in the next couple of weeks. Anyone?

I’ve visited this amazing place on my trip to England (Doncaster/Sheffield) last year. It’s hidden in the middle of the island and you could have missed it on the road if you didn’t know about it. A small mountain area hides all these beautiful views. Feels like a magical place from a fantasy movie or a book.

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31 May 2017

paris 01

Today is a good day to post pictures from my short trip to Paris. I’m listening to chilling acoustic songs and preparing tapenade and guacamole (yes, very French), the warm sun is setting, everything seems slower than usual. This is how I always remember Paris. It’s been my 3rd trip there and it’s always about going slow, eating a lot and enjoying the carefree atmosphere. It was the election day when I came to the city, but most of it was as calm as always. I had the pleasure to admire the urban landscape soaked in sunrise from the high hill of Sacré-Cœur Basilica and walk many miles through small alleys. I am deeply in love with the French language and Parisian ambience. Men are handsome and well dressed, cuisine is exquisite, the city is the most beautiful… Should I look for a job there too?

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